What is Wargamer?

Wargamer is a wargaming club situated in the Old Town of Vilnius.. It’s a place where you can meet other like minded hobbyists, play your favourite games, paint miniatures and do everything else wargaming.

What can I find in the club?

We have four 6×4 wargaming tables, a myriad of terrain pieces to use, two painting stations with a full range of Citadel paints and an airbrush, FDM and SLA printers, dice, rulebooks, battletomes, codexes, you name it.

What benefits do club members get?

Club members get unlimited access to the following:

  • Booking wargaming tables;
  • All the gaming inventory in the club;
  • Painting stations with all the paints and tools provided;
  • Use of 3D printers (filament or resin not included);
  • 20% discount on Games Workshop products (including pre-orders);
  • A warm community and a cosy place to play your favourite wargames.

Who can become a member of the club?

Absolutely anyone with 15€/month + TAX to spare. Veterans and newbies are all welcome. We have all the equipment and a few spare armies to use. You can start playing and painting right away, even if you’ve yet to buy your first model.

How can I become a member?

Club membership costs 15 €/month + TAX. Head to https://contribee.com/wargamer and subscribe. You will also need to register an account on https://www.wargamer.lt/.

Once you’ve subscribed to the club on Contribee, you’ll need to contact our admin at daniel@wargamer.lt. He will provide you with the member code you will use to book tables and painting stations.

How to book a table?

Once you log in to your account on https://www.wargamer.lt you’ll see the RESERVATION tab appear at the top. Hover over it and select which table you wish to book.

Select the date you wish to book it for, a little clock icon indicates that the table is already booked that day. Hovering over the date will show you the times that are already taken.

Once you’ve selected the date and filled in the details, hit Send and you should receive a confirmation email shortly.

If you are not a subscribed member of the club, leave the member code field empty and you’ll be asked to pay via Stripe on the next step before the booking is confirmed.

How to get into the premises?

The club is located at Šv. Stepono 5, Vilnius. Once you go inside, the club room entrance is the first sliding door to your left.

In case no one is at the club when you arrive, You will need to retrieve the key and turn off the alarm system.

  • The key to the sliding door is in the key box hanging on the handle. You can find the code to the key box on the website. You’ll see a KEY CODE tab once you log in.

  • If you don’t have access to disable the alarm system yourself, make sure to contact our admin at +37068243546 and get it disabled.

Don’t forget to lock the door and put the key back in the key box, resetting the code to 0000 when you leave. Contact the admin to turn the alarm back on or do it yourself if you have access to it.

How to order Games Workshop products?

You will find the ORDER FORM tab on https://www.wargamer.lt/. Fill in your billing details and the details of the product you wish to order. Product code is not required but Product name, Quantity and Web link to the item are necessary. If you wish to order multiple items, you can attach a spreadsheet file with these columns instead. Club members get a 20% discount off the price in the Games Workshop online shop.

Please note that the items will be delivered to the club and you will need to pick them up there.