How to make Custom Preorders?

Just send us a link

It’s that simple, no more preorder forms.

Send us item links ONLY for Webstore Exclusives or common GW items that you couldn’t find in our webstore.

If you want to make a preorder, send the link of a desired item(s) to the Wargamer Facebook chat or Daniel—we will place the order for you. The payment will be processed accordingly via the issued invoice.


Games Workshop announces placed preorders’ list every Monday — you can find it on Wargamer #announcements Discord channel.

Pre-ordering from Club Partners




Please contact me for calculation before paying at

Important to note while pre-ordering GAMES WORKSHOP:

Sometimes the product you are ordering might have one or more of these symbols on Games Workshop’s website.

The arrow indicates that the product is Webstore Exclusive and can usually be ordered from the Wargamer shop with -15% discount and take up to 3 weeks to be delivered.

The hammer indicates that the product is Made-to-Order and can be usually ordered from the Wargamer shop with -15% discount. These products also can take up to 180 days to be delivered.
The box indicates that the product is made outside of Games Workshop’s own faculties (Special Order), such as Forgeworld, and cannot be purchased with a discount.