Whether you descend into murky caverns or tread the pass of ancient Dwarf mines – the GAMEMASTER: Dungeons & Caverns Core Set allows you to create any setting for your roleplaying party. Both fun and extremely easy to build, this set has absolutely EVERYTHING you need to build any subterranean setting – for any RPG system or skirmish miniature game.

  • Create your own dungeons – This unique set contains everything necessary to bring your roleplaying dungeons and dragons terrain to life instead of using a Tabletop Map.
  • Comprehensive guide – Perhaps our best guide to date, no more Unpainted Miniatures! Our How To Build Dungeons & Caverns guide is filled to the brim with excellent tips, step-by-step tutorials and inspiration for your dungeon modeling.
  • Dungeon terrain – This set comes brimming with excellent tools and materials to create your very own dungeon! The specially designed XPS foam sheets have just the right width for tabletop gaming scenery.
  • Specialized paint for dioramas – The set comes with a terrain spray primer specially designed for painting XPS and styrofoam, so you don’t have to brush-prime your foam to avoid it melting.