Whether you’re preparing to build shrubby thickets or fresh, mossy forests, the GAMEMASTER: Wilderness & Woodlands Terrain Kit will supply you with all the paints and basing materials you need to create amazing scenery for any RPG system or skirmish miniature game.

  • Specialized paint for foam – The Terrain Spray Primer is Designed For Painting XPS And Styrofoam. You Don’t Have To Brush-prime Your Foam to Avoid it Melting.
  • Diorama kit for dungeon tiles and terrain – Create a Better and More Immersive Gaming Experience byPlacing Your RPG Models On The Table to Face Their Foes in Spectacular Home-made Settings!
  • Finishing touches – To top it all off, the Set Includes Our High-quality Static Grass Tufts as Well as Basing Materials to Add Those Extra Sprinkles of Detail on your Modelling Foam.
  • Includes a How to Build: Dungeons & Caverns Guidebook.