The Alpha Legion are a Legion of saboteurs and infiltrators, armed with deceit and clad in rumour. Embedded in the heart of the Imperium, the XX Legion dissect their enemies with a thousand secret victories before landing a final killing blow. The sons of Alpharius delight in sowing strife, their true goals steeped in mystery, obscured by layers of counter-intelligence – and perhaps unknown even to them.

This A4-sized sheet contains 513 high-quality, full-colour waterslide transfers – more than enough for all but the largest Legiones Astartes forces. These transfers allow you to easily customise your miniatures with detailed imagery, specifically designed for the Alpha Legion. The sheet features accurate Legion icons and numerals, company markings, and squad designations, as well as a variety of decorative insignias, honours, large vehicle badges, and banner art for your Alpha Legion army – including coded ordinals, intricate hydra symbols, and ancient Terran Helac glyphs that bely and betray convention to wrongfoot observers.