Warstompers are veterans of countless battles, Mega-Gargants who seek out the thrill and clangour of combat wherever they can find it. Possessing a grasp of tactics as dangerous as their sheer brute strength, these warmongering gargants develop a joyous addiction to conflict itself – they love smashing armies into disarray, take trophies to remember the best battles, and once in the thick of the fight, their rampage is all but impossible to stop.

This multipart plastic kit builds a Warstomper Mega-Gargant, a grizzled gargant thrillseeker armed with a titanic boulderclub. This massive miniature towers over almost anything on the battlefield, conveying a staggering sense of momentum and weight, and makes for both an awe-inspiring centrepiece and a truly colossal painting project. The Mega-Gargant is loaded with detail, from its ragged clothes – stitched together out of the banners and awnings of smaller folk – to its crudely-patched injuries and the rough textures of its primitive club. The kit offers a variety of interchangeable bits and bobs to personalise your own Mega-Gargant, such as trophies and skulls, improvised armour, and arrows fired by luckless victims, allowing you to ensure that no two tabletop titans look the same.

This colossal kit can alternatively build a variety of other Mega-Gargants:
– King Brodd – undisputed ruler of the Mega-Gargants, armed with the colossal Obelisk of Tor Crania
– Kraken-eater Mega-Gargant – a greedy coast-raider available to any Order or Destruction force
– Beast-smasher Mega-Gargant – a crazed monster-hunter available to any Destruction force
– Gatebreaker Mega-Gargant – a grim garrison-smasher available to any Death or Destruction force

This kit comprises 167 plastic components and is supplied with a Citadel 130mm Round Base. This miniature is supplied unpainted and requires assembly – we recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel Colour paints.