A Siege of Terra Novel

It all comes down to this final confrontation – the Emperor versus the Warmaster. The father versus the son. After 63 novels and a slew of short stories, omnibuses, audio dramas, and more – this is the End and the Death.


The Horus Heresy series reaches its dramatic climax. After years of civil war, the Emperor and Horus clash aboard the Vengeful Spirit in an epic battle of blades, wits, and wills. See how the greatest conflict of the age plays out, and follow fan-favourite characters from across the saga as they desperately try to influence the outcome.


The Great Angel, Sanguinius, lies slain at his brother’s hand. Terra burns as reality itself unravels, and the greatest bastion of civilisation teeters on the brink of annihilation.

Desperate defenders gather, banding against the rabid traitor hordes. The Hollow Mountain, host to the pilgrims of Euphrati Keeler, is one of the last redoubts held by the Dark Angels while the unclean host of Typhus lays siege. Malcador the Sigillite sits ablaze on the Golden Throne, trying to buy his master more time. But time is running out…

Guilliman races across the stars to reinforce the Throneworld. Will he return to ashes, where a Warmaster of Chaos has ascended to godhood, or will the Emperor have triumphed? And at what cost?

Written by Dan Abnett.