It has all started in 1990 when i got a Polish Sci-fi & Fantasy (SF&F) magazine ‘Fantastyka’ with a photo gallery dedicated to a Games Workshop game Warhammer. I knew immediatly that i need that game, but it would take 5-6 years until actually get my hands on it. Lets not rush the time line, however. I started buying all kinds of different board games re-made by various polish print houses from popular english language games (Dracula, Talisman etc) and by a lucky accident I have stumbled upon a local SF&F club called ‘Dorado’ . That place introduced me to the endless world of Role Playing Games (RPG) and for the time being my inner all consuming craving for new knowledge was sated.

In the year 1995 durning one of the J. R. R. Tolkien conventions i saw my dream – here it was… a Warhammer Fantasy Battle 4th edition starter set casually laying on a table. That hunger that i felt for 5 years immediatly took over and resurfaces. I was definitely the first in line to play the game. Our first attempt at playing the game was used to re-enact the battle of five armies described in the Lord of the Rings… with a moderate succceess 🙂 To my surprise, I was not alone in this quest to find Warhammer. I have found likeminded people and the first steps to the creation of the first wargaming club ‘Legionas’ were made in 1996. The club was a rag tag chaotic warband comprised of teenagers who wanted to prove to others that they could have a place of their own, take care of it and not ruin something after first 5 minutes of doing it.

Warhammer Fantasy Battles 4th edition starter set OOP

In 2000’s an era of wonders has come to an end as the club has lost ita location and never quite recovered from this event. It was like a rock band disbanding… people around me grew up and went their own ways. During those times I was still hoarding miniatures like a dragon in a cave but there no brave adventurers to play them with me. Then, at the end of the year 2000 I have dropped the ball mself. Gave away or sold all of my miniatures and started enjoying new hobbies and changes in my life. 2010 brought me back to the wargaming and miniatures hobby. I met up with a group of enthusiasts who started their own company that makes accessories for boardgames, card games, wargames and RPG’s. It was a self sufficient commercial venture and a club. After a while, people involved started to change which translated to changes within companies and ‘Rikis’ was born. For 10 years Rikis was a huge part of my life and now I feel its time to let go and return to the roots. I want a social club which is not a business. I want likeminded people around me who feel the same about this beutifull hobby of wargamming and modelling. For me this hobby and this community is so much more than selling miniatures to make money. This brings me to a logical conlusion: the creation of the Wargamer Club, where I hope my long journey will end and I’ll finally create a long lasting group of hobby enthusiasts, friends and opponents for my future wargame miniature wars 😀