Give 1,2% PIT | Skirk 1,2% GPM

What is 1.2% PIT (GPM)?
According to the procedure provided by the laws of Lithuania, every working person pays 20% of his earned income (Personal Income Tax (PIT)). Every working person can allocate 1.2 percent from the mentioned 20 percent. If the person decides not to grant support to any recipient, 1.2% of PIT (GPM) goes to the general state budget.

What is the due date for allocating my 1.2% PIT (GPM)?
You can allocate PIT (GPM) support from January 1, 2024, until May 2, 2024, in the EDS system.

How do I allocate my PIT (GPM) support to a selected recipient?

  • Go to the EDS system

  • Click the title

  • Choose your login method

  • Choose the tab DEKLARAVIMAS, then go to PILDYTI FORMĄ and select PRAŠYMAS SKIRTI PARAMĄ

  • Form FR0512 v.5 will open, click on the globe to open it

  • A guide will open, so follow the green button

  • Find the club by entering the organization name

  • Enter 1.2 or 0.6 to select which part of PTI (GPM) you want to allocate and save the form.

  • Confirm the submission and that’s it.

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